Inglés para todos


Yes / No Questions


a) Are you from Peru?
Yes, I am. / No, I am not.

b) Is Braulio Canadian?
Yes, he is. / No, he is not.

c) Are the students from Mexico?
Yes, they are. / No, they are not.

d) Is the dog Costa Rican?
Yes, it is. / No, it is not.

e) Is Martha Brazilian?
Yes, she is. / No, she is not.

f) Are your father and you from Puerto Rico?
Yes, we are. / No, we are not.

g) Are we American?
Yes, you are. / No, you are not.

Comentarios en: "YES/NO QUESTIONS" (13)

  1. Jennifer Cupe Quispe Año del 3B dijo:

    good teacher nights day pratique yes / no questions was good fun and easy until then teacher

  2. el video estuvo estupendo

  3. mis dice la ashly donde se entra para la cancion de navidad


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